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Jun 25, 2019

I created an True/False quiz where a student can acknowledge mastery of the material (TRUE) or go back and re-review (FALSE).  It works PERFECTLY in preview mode, but when I try to publish for review online, it locks up whenever I select the TRUE option and tell it to end the course.  I can't get the course to EXIT.  Any ideas?

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Katie Riggio

Hello Tony!

Thanks for reaching out, and great move to also open a support case. I see that my teammate, Jose, was able to help and gave helpful insight around the exit course trigger. Awesome!

I'm summarizing what Jose shared in case anyone encounters a similar scenario:

I'm happy to inform you that the triggers you added on the course are working properly on SCORM Cloud.
Review 360 doesn't have a close window option when you exit the course since it's intended for reviewing purposes. You may find that the exist course trigger doesn't work as expected in the published course – this article outlines reasons and solutions!

If there's anything else we can help with, please let us know! 😀

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