Exit Course, but still in progress


I have created an E-learning about fire-safety. I have a problem when you finish the course, our server says it is still in "progress". All the other course I have made are marked as "completed". I don't know what is wrong. 

I tried with "open in new browser-window" but the problem is still there. Could anyone please take a look? 

The course is in Swedish, but I hope it still ok :) It is attached to this post. 

Best regards, 

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Randy Hill

In your publish settings you have it set to passed /Incomplete, so when the user finishes it and they are not complete it shows as in progress. Also, I noticed that your tracking options were total slides visited and you have it to the max at 16, yet it looks like one of the slides may not be hit. I would lower that number to 15 or 14 and change the tracking to complete/incomplete. 

The tracking options are generally passed/incomplete or passed/failed for courses tracking by a results slide. Since yours is by slides visited, I would change it to complete/incomplete or complete/failed.