Exit Course Trigger Not Working in BlackBoard LMS

I can't get my Exit Course Trigger to work in Blackboard. Please help, as I'm on a tight deadline.

I've published my Storyline module in LMS form, specifically as a zip file, then unpackaged the zip file in my course Content Collection in BlackBoard. I then uploaded my Storyline module link into a course shell as an item-- first "story.html" and then "story.swf" when the html file didn't work. When I click the item link and run through the module, the exit trigger does not work.

I've tried multiple solutions for the story.html item. I changed the Player > Other options to open the module in a new window, and I changed the configuration file text to "ALWAYS_CLOSE"; , which didn't work, and then "ALWAYS_CLOSE_TOP"; , which also didn't work.

I then tried using the story.swf file as my item, with the configuration file set to "ALWAYS_CLOSE_TOP";, but this didn't work either.

I plan to change the config file to "ALWAYS_CLOSE" and "SCORM_RECOMMENDED", using the story.swf file as my item, but I'd like to get feedback on other options I can try.

I've uploaded the story.swf file to this post for your review.

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Christine Hendrickson

Hi there Elizabeth!

If you haven't already, you may want to consider disabling the exit tool, unless you have a specific need for it. You should be able to exit the course by closing the browser window, instead. 

I know you're on a deadline, hopefully this is something you'll be able to try out quickly. It may not be the best option for you, but it may help you get through this so you're able to complete the course on time.

Let me know if this works for you.



Elizabeth  Butt

Thank you for your quick response! We need to report via SCORM whether a student has completed the module. Will disabling the exit trigger and allowing the student to close out the window disrupt reporting, i.e. show the student as not having passed the module because they didn't select the course exit link?

Christine Hendrickson

Hi Elizabeth,

There shouldn't be any disruption, no. The "Exit" tool is not necessary for the completion of the course. It's simply a way to close the browser window. 

Have you had a chance to try this out? Does the course report correctly? It should be fine, but if you run into issues with it, let me know.

Thanks again :)


Michael Hinze

I just found a "hack" for my problem with the Exit button not closing a tutorial in Moodle. Instead of using the Exit course trigger, I use "Jumpto URL/File" (browser options set to "Display in current browser window") and call a simple html page that looks like this:

Window Closer

That works in my client's Moodle install. It  would still be nice to find out what's preventing the Exit Course trigger from functioning.

Elizabeth  Butt

Update: I attempted to use a similar roundabout as Michael, replacing the "Exit Course" trigger with a "Jump to URL/File" trigger, but even that didn't work in Blackboard. Nothing at all happens when you click the button with this trigger enabled. I've resorted to removing the Exit Course trigger for now, but I obviously would love the trigger to work.

Justin Wilcox

Hi Elizabeth.

To confirm what Christine told you, the Exit tool is not necessary to track completion in an LMS. If the content launches in a new window, you can simply close the browser window to record a completion. So if it is not working for you, the path of least resistance would probably be to not use the Exit tool.

Darren McNeill

I have similar concern as I created an Exit Button which does not work either either the Moodle or the corporate LMS.

If the Exit course trigger does not work, then what is the purpose of provide it as an option?

I would like to see the trigger function either removed, or at least an explanation on why it does not work and how to fix it?

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Darren,

I'm sorry to hear about the behavior you encountered with the exit course trigger not working. There are a few reasons why it may not work as expected, the biggest of which is browser security restrictions. It could also be LMS specific, and you can do a bit of testing to confirm that by placing a copy of your course at SCORM Cloud which is an industry standard for testing SCORM content.

You'll also want to confirm you're using one of the browsers indicated within the viewing requirements here.