Exit Course Trigger - The flash version not closing the browser

Apr 07, 2014

Hello all , 

I am having problem with the "Exit Course". The problem is simple I added the "Exit Course" trigger to a button and it does not do its job.

So what followed is testing and googling why. With testing I found out that in HTML5 output the "Exit Course" trigger works. The only problem is when you launch it throught story.html, which loads the flash version. In this case only IE was able to recognize that the application is trying to close the browser, Chrome and Firefox didnt react.

What I googled is to change the settings in the Player-Other , and change the settings to open the published project in a New Window. I had no luck with this, still the same problem remained. The flash version wont close the browser in Chrome/Firefox.

Is there a way to fix this ? 

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Amaia, 

Ugh, sorry this is tripping you up too! As browsers implement more security features they've continued locking down on things like the "exit course" functionality.

It looks like the link I shared before is broken right now - so we'll get that fixed! There is another copy of it here. That'll give you some other ideas for workarounds.