Exit don't work


I have a published course, on a platform LMS, with lancher page (popup), the trigger exit does not work:

If the same course is published without launcher page works without problems.

Have you any idea how to solve?

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Justin Wilcox

Hi Rinaldo and welcome to Heroes! I am guessing that there may be an issue with using the launcher page in your LMS and the course is not communicating properly which is why the Exit function is not working. Your best bet would likely be to remove the exit function and have folks close the browser window or remove the launcher page. I  have a feeling that the course is not going to track properly with the launcher page and if that is the case you could simply remove that and keep the exit functionality in tact. 

Rinaldo Troiani

Hello and thanks for your reply,

the problem is that I have some courses built by others with storyline, with the same structure (launcher page, img with an exit trigger pop-up) that work perfectly on the same LMS ERGO the problem stems from some
storyline configuration  that I can not identify.

Rinaldo Troiani

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I solved the problem after performing a debug step bystep:

to run the exit need to edit the initialization, afterthe publication, in the file launcher.html of the variable "varg_strStartPage" putting it equal to "index_lms.html.".

I hope the information will be useful.