"Exit Module" Button (javascript trigger)

Jan 29, 2018

Hi there,
We previously had a vendor develop e-learning courses for us. These courses were always uploaded to a Litmos LMS. One course would usually consist of several "Modules" in our LMS.

On the final page of all modules, our vendor had a button called "Exit Module". Clicking on this button would trigger javascript ( scormPlayer.exit(); )which would close the module and bring the learner back to the course overview page in Litmos. It would not close the whole window, which seems to happen when I try to add an "exit course" trigger to a button in Storyline 360.

However, I cannot seem to make our vendor's javascript work in my own courses. Adding the same js as in previous courses and making the trigger "execute javascript" does not seem to work.

Any tips? Help would be greatly appreciated!

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Brian Dennis

The scormPlayer object likely does not exist, so the code you posted would fail. LMS systems differ in making their SCORM connector available to content. Wrapping the code you posted in an "if (scormPlayer)" check would help keepĀ prevent a code error, but do nothing regarding whether the object itself is available to your courseware

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