Exit/Resume during quiz problem

Hi Heroes,

My client is having a HUGE problem with a SL course and their LMS.

If you exit the course in the middle of a quiz, them come back and say "Yes" to Resume question it just freezes and will not resume where left off. Most of the time, the "No" response works and sends you back to the beginning of the course.

The client is using an older, modified version of Plateau.

We already tried several of the troubleshooting steps listed in other threads, but none seem to address resuming in the middle of quizzes.


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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Rick,

I'm wondering if you tested this outside of the LMS, in SCORM Cloud for example so at the very least we can help rule out Storyline as the issue?

Next, I'd want to know if you've tried quizzes that are not in question banks and how the user is exiting the course? Modifying those elements may be worth looking into?

Rick Blunt

Hi Ashley,

I testing in SCORM Cloud and there are some issues when exiting the course from the middle of a quiz and trying to "Resume" where you left off.

All the quizzes are in Question Banks.

Should being in a question bank make a difference or not? If I have to turn all the question banks into individual slides that will take a fairly long time won't it? I have six lessons, with 2-3 quizzes (knowledge checks) per lesson with 3-6 questions per quiz.


Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Rick,

I've seen a couple items connected to resuming in a question bank - but not just freezing the entire course. What update of Storyline are you using to create this course? We're currently on update 6. 

Are you able to share this .story file with us? If it's too large to share here in the forums, please feel free to send it along to our support engineers here.