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Sam Carter

Yes, I am running update 1.  

To be clear, the problem isn't that the trigger isn't working.  The EXIT tab isn't rendering as shown in the following image.  Viewing the same course using a desktop browser, the EXIT tab shows just fine.

Perhaps this is operator error?  I couldn't find an EXIT tab option when publishing the course, so I added it as a "Topbar Right" EXIT using the Player Tabs dialog (snapshot of that follows).

Viewing the same course on my desktop shows "EXIT" in the top-right corner of the skin, but not in iPad Safari.

Dane Boyington

Great! However it does appear to me that there is more to this than just the player's Exit button. Even if you use your own custom button for an Exit trigger, it appears from the debug window that the function ConcedeControl() in API.js is never called, so you can't have any control over how the course is closed.

Will this also be addressed in the next update?