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Natasha Bomba

Hi. This is an old thread and I'm wondering if there's a better way to do this. I created the exit slide which is fine except bookmarking brings us back to that slide. Is there another way to trigger the warning in SL2--it needs to be a trigger that would work from any slide so the layer option is not great. Or is there a way to change the bookmarking to go to the second last slide?

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Natasha,

There isn't an option to change how the bookmarking works - but I wonder if you did it in a lightbox slide - if you could set the trigger to close lightbox when the user clicks yes and to exit the course as well? As long as the lightbox closes before the course exited - it would bring them back to the original slide, and not the lightbox slide? 

Worth playing around with maybe! 

Natasha Bomba

Hi Ashley. So I've tried a few things  to no avail. It looks like it doesn't have time to execute because when we open the course, the lightbox is still open.

By accident, at one point, we had a "submit score to LMS" associated to the button. I don't want to use that trigger because the point of the exit is that it can be used at any time in the course. But interestingly, this action seemed to give enough of a pause for the lightbox to close then exit (the submit was a trigger sitting in between both those triggers). So I thought, what if there was another non-essential trigger that would create the same pause. Doesn't seem to work though. I tried using a variable (1. close lightbox, 2. change button to true when clicked 3. close course when true). This did not work as a pause and also caused an issue because the variable did not reset. Any other suggestions? I'm pressed for time on this one as it should have gone to our LMS group today.