Exit Trigger - crashing browser when conditions exist

I have uploaded courses to my LMS (Litmos) that use the Exit trigger.  Those that do not include any conditions to exit, close as expected.  But I have some that include a condition that shows an error layer letting them know they haven't viewed all the slides and the course won't be considered complete until they do. 

When exiting on those, after viewing all slides, the browser crashes.  This article doesn't seem to address that issue, or will altering the configuration.js affect my issue? 

I'm using the latest version of Storyline and publishing for LMS/Tin Can API.  I've attached a stripped version of my project.  Hope someone can tell me what I'm doing wrong?


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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Sherrie,

Thanks for sharing your file here. I uploaded it to SCORM Cloud here to test it - and the browser does not crash, but it doesn't seem I'm able to meet the completion requirement either. I noticed some of the states on the main menu slide change indicating I've visited them - but others don't, so I'm not certain if you've set those up or if it's because of your project being stripped down. 

Can you test that version I uploaded to SCORM Cloud? 

Sherrie French

As to the visited states on the main menu, I think perhaps you didn't click all the info buttons on one slide or didn't visit all the links on the To-do list.  My stripped version may make it less apparent what's to be done. 

I've tested from your link and it didn't crash after completing all slides.  Maybe it's my LMS then.  I'll contact them.  Do you know if any one else has reported a similar issue when using Litmos as LMS?

Sherrie French

Thanks for the tip Ashley!  I uploaded and tested there and didn't crash the browser.  However, I did get a parser warning on upload of my content. 

"The given tincan.xml was incompatible with latest version of the Tin Can API specification. Error was: Activity ID '62iLTn9uXCv_course_id' is not an absolute URI" 

I'm using the most current version of Storyline (5.1401.2415).  Do I need to change something about the auto ID for Tin Can compatibility?