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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Ninad,

We did recently release update 6 of Storyline, although the suspend data Phil mentioned is a limitation of Scorm 1.2 and not something we can change. There is more information here about the suspend data and if you need to turn on LMS debug mode (or you can use the SCORM Cloud debug logs) here are directions on how to do so.

Hope that helps, and you may also want to review this article on troubleshooting other LMS reporting and tracking issues.

Ninad Purkar

Ashley, after doing some trials on the content we also came to know that, the result variables reset to zero.

Due to this, every time we exit, the score of the user again starts from 0. Due to this, the user is not able to complete the course.

Is this in any way related to the "Suspend Data Limit"...

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Ninad,

Without seeing your file, I'm assuming it's connect to what you've set up as the resume setting and how the slides themselves are resuming. If the user is not resuming to where they left off, based either on reaching the suspend data limit or not choosing/being prompted to resume, then I would expect any variables after that point to have been reset or if they don't resume at all for all variables to be reset. Also, if the user is revisiting slides that are set to "reset to initial state" those variables may be reset as well depending on how the triggers are set up.

Ninad Purkar

Ashley, I have set the result slides to resume and marked the course to resume when relaunched.

But still the same problem persists.

I am not sure about following one thing:

If the content transmits the variable data to LMS and the same data is transmitted back to the content...

So does the content again resets its variable on resuming according to the input received from the LMS?

Phil Mayor

You need to test this in Scormcloud to see how much resume data is being sent. If it above the 4096 charters level then there is a chance that the data is being truncated which could be causing your problems.

Under normal conditions two packets of information are sent to the LMS the bookmarking data (resume data) and the completion data, there is no limit on completion data but bookmarking data in some LMS's has fixed size, if incomplete data is stored it is not possible to resume correctly.