Exiting a Course & Tracking Results

I have a course that has a number of modules.  The user can view all or just one of them. As long as they have completed at least one they will get a completed score.  At the end of each module there is a results slide that says they have completed it with a button that returns them to the home page where they can select another module (or exit).  Although I have added a button for them to click on to exit the course (which actually takes them to the final results slide (disguised as a info page) with a trigger to submit results, what happens if they just click on the X of the windows screen to exit?  Will this still submit the results to the LMS.  Hope this makes sense!!

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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Cath and welcome to Heroes! 

They'll need to visit the results page that your course is being tracked by as that includes the information the LMS is looking for to mark it complete. Instead of instructing the user to click on that button to exit, maybe change it to click there to submit their results?