Expand width problem


With the new feature in storyline to manage size of text box, there is no more possibility to have a fixed text box  with adusted text like before.

For navigation buttons  in slide, it's a big problem with translation

If you put a next button at the right bottom,  it's great in english but with translation in other languages with longer text, button will be adapted in size and get out of the slide (sse my screenshot)

Scroll for a button is not a good idea. And adjust height will have the same bug like adjust width...

Is there a solution to shrink and wrap text like before?


Thanks for your help

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Maria Costa-Stienstra

Hi, Alexis.

The option to Shrink text on overflow is only available if you haven't enabled text autofit improvements. If you've upgraded the text, you can import slides into a new project file to revert to legacy autofit settings.

Windows 10 (1) 2022-07-11 at 3.47.36 PM

Take a look below for additional information:

I hope this helps!