Expanding Options in Media Interactions

Hey all!

I wanted to use the Media interaction to show case more than the 6 (7) interactions that come with the menu. I've been trying to implement the illusion of a sliding menu. Learner clicks a right chevron, 6 new menu items show up / slide in. Learner clicks a newly-visible left cheveron, original six menu items show up / slide in. Of course, key to this, is that the information shown doesn't disappear when the menus options shift.

I've tried states (which work beautifully except the second menu state won't hold a hotspot click to a different slide than the FIRST menus state) and animation (moving the menus in and out - got too hairy with so many motion lines and had a hard time creating a "return path).

Anyone have any ideas? I'd be grateful for any possible avenues!

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Jaime McCall


Apparently uploading the full file with all my alterations isn't in the cards. However - here is the base template I'm modifying: 

Now, imagine that there was a chevron > at the right-hand end of those menu items at the bottom. And when you click that chevron, those menu items slide off the page on the left while new menu items slide onto the page from the right. BUT whatever you were looking at - whatever you were reading up top - doesn't move.

Let me know if that makes sense?