Experiences & solution with E-Learning via Thin Clients?

Hi everyone,

We have an issue with video and sound quality of E-Learning at our company.

At our offices we use thin clients (HP) which brings us great benefits (so we don't want to change this).

Normally, when you publish E-Learning on a regular website, this becomes a flash output. To get the video and sound (properly) working on thin clients we use HDX Redirection. This works with E-Learning outside of our LMS but when we put the E-Learning modules in our LMS the HDX Redirection does not work anymore. At this point, the LMS does something with the E-Learning package to the extent that it is not recognized as 'regular flash' anymore. This means the video and sound quality of E-Learning material suffers greatly.

I understand this question is perhaps to be found at our LMS supplier, so we have asked that question to them as well. However, as there are so many experienced users over here, someone might recognize this issue and have a solution to it.

Looking forward to any ideas about this.

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