Experiencing a Player Problem

Hi Guys,

I'm having a very frustrating problem with the Player today.  When I set everything up in the Player Properties window, and see how it's going to look in the Preview window [on the right side of the screen], everything looks fine.  After clicking "OK" and returning to the first page in Scene 1, I selected "Preview" -> "This Slide" [from the Home ribbon] just to ensure everything looks fine there as well.  When I do, some of the Player features aren't matching up with what I'd just set up in the Player. 

I've tried messing with this for over an hour and just can't seem to get it synced up.  Am I missing something????

As an FYI, I just downloaded Update 8 today and started working on a new project.  Not sure if this is related, but I took a copy of a project I had created in the past (on a lower version) and am using it as a template for this new project (as I have so many settings, images, etc.  that I want to re-use to save time).

Might this be causing the problem?  Any  other suggestions?

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