Experiencing cmi.core.exit Issue After Update

Jul 09, 2020

Hi there. We're using Storyline 360 and publishing to Saba Cloud. There has always been an issue with Saba not recieving the correct data telling the LMS that the course has been completed, hence the "suspend" you will see below:

Command Received = LMSCommit
Data sent by content to Saba LMS:
cmi.core.lesson_status = passed
cmi.core.lesson_location =
cmi.core.exit = suspend
cmi.core.score.raw = 84.21
cmi.core.score.max = 100
cmi.core.score.min = 0

We had been using a patch to fix this issue since 2017 and can be found here.

Since the most recent update, that patch no longer fixes the issue and we are back to the Suspend problem. Other notes in case someone asks: It does not occur in SCORM Cloud, this is a SABA>Storyline-only issue as far as I know. Completion is based on slide views which we have tried moving down to even just 1 slide to test and the issue persists. 

Does anyone have any ideas?

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