explore 3 choices to get a quiz point

Oct 12, 2015

I have 2 radio set columns, the user is instructed to choose one from each and hit submit. the user is then presented with custom feedback that tells the user whether each selection was good, not ideal, or not adequate. 

I would like to turn this slide into a question where the user has to explore 3 different options to get a point. Is this possible? I have attached a story file with the base slide. 


I have been able to convert it to a pick many question type, I then put button sets on the 2 columns, but this just gives the user 1 chance to get the question correct.  I want the user to explore 3 different choices to get a point.

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Walt Hamilton


Is this what you want to do?

I set triggers on layers to count the number of attempts and to award points only if that layer has not been visited. I used the built-in state of visited to check if that layer had been visited, but I will tell you that I don't trust that state. If it were my presentation, I would use another variable to indicate that that layer has been visited.

I set triggers only on the A3/B3/, A4/B4, A4/B3, and A1/B3 combinations. The different levels award different points.

After 3 tries, the regular submit button becomes visible, and the score is reported. I suppose you could limit the number of tries if you want.

I left textboxes to show the changing value of the number of attempts and the score, but they are not necessary.

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