Export a question bank to word

Sep 26, 2013

My supervisor has asked for the question bank along with the answers to an e-learning module I have put together.  How do I go about exporting the question bank along with the answers into a word document that I can send to him electronically?


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Graham Gordon

Thanks Rebecca, that's exactly what I did.....would be nice in storyline if you could publish "pieces" of courses to word for third party editing.......we only have the one licence on my computer and I am the only one who designs courses so there is really no need for my supervisor to have a licence as well besides editing.....

Helen Tyson

Hi Graham

If you want your supervisor to be able to edit the text within your questions, try exporting using the Translation feature found in the Articulate menu (top left) - I'd recommend using the Word Document with Reference Column format.

Using this document your supervisor can make editorial changes in the third column and you can re-import them directly into Storyline quickly and easily.



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