Export a translation file for the text labels

Hey there,

does anybody know whether it's possible to export a translations-file for the text labels? Just like you can for the content of the slides? Because I'm translating several quizzes to bulgarian and there are no bulgarian text labels. Or do I have to put in every translation manually?

thank you very much for you help!!


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Graham North


You can save the text labels used by the player/quiz to an xml file, see the Saving your customised text lables section of this page:


So if you save a set of English labels to file you can then use any text editor to replace the entries with the Bulgarian translation in this file.  When you've finished translating the file can then be imported back in to player.  Not sure if this is any easier than entering the translations in to Storyline once and saving them for reuse in another storyfile.

Graham North

Hi Tex

For a free XML editor that will display the content of the file in a more friendly way you could try XML NotePad 2007 form Microsoft.  Yes it's old but it will display the items (Strinds) to be edited as a tree diagram allowing you to select each one and edit the required entry.


Have a go and see if it helps.