Export answers to open questions in Articulate to LMS platform or to an export file.

We have a course in Articulate where we ask students to reflect on issues (open questions). Today the student answers in the interaction screens, but that's it. These answers are not used any further. 

Question: We would like to export these answers of the learner to the LMS so the answers can be reviewed later on. Even better, it would be nice to have a report for the learner with all questions and answers e.g. in one .pdf or .csv output file.

Any experience with solving this?

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Leslie McKerchie

Hello Johan and welcome to E-Learning Heroes. 😊

Thanks for reaching out and sharing what you would like to create.

Is your course hosted in your LMS? If so, I'd look at your reporting options within your LMS.

If you'd like to share the LMS you are currently using, someone in the community may be able to chime in with their experience and advice for you.