Export as PDF and PPT file name appears on Slide #1

I'm using SL360, my client wants a downloadable version of the course with slide contents and notes so I am using the Export as PDF feature. The only problem is that the long file name of the original PPT deck that was imported to create the course appears on Page 1 of the PDF. See the attachment. The text in blue near the top that ends in "revised by saw sbk CA". Is there a way to hide this text or edit it? I don't want to import the PPT again since we've made many changes to it inside SL 360.

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Hedrick Ellis

A correction. I realize now that I didn't "Export as PDF". I published to Word and then saved as PDF. Publishing to Word seems to save SL content as an image rather than editable text. Is there any way to edit the name of the PPT file that was imported into SL before I publish to Word so the file name doesn't look so long and cryptic when it appears in the PDF?