Export Data to Excel Spread sheet

Hello everyone, 

I have been assigned to design a course in Articulate Storyline 2 that will export the data in to excel spread sheet. Google drive is prohibited because of security concerns and my client is against of putting confidential information on cloud. 

I understand that the same question has been asked by other e-learning experts but not sure that if they are restricted to export values in Excel only. If they did, I would love to hear their experience.

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Mohammad  Hassam

Thanks for your reply Phil. I understand, but this is one of their policy and I can't debate with them on that. However, they have implemented internal webserver to send and receive data within the company. They also have SharePoint that generates the link and accessible to any machine.

I am interested to hear out what you have in mind regarding Saving to a CSV.  I am just thinking out loud and help me if you think this will work.

If I upload the package with the excel file on webserver, on the same location. Will that work?

I strongly believe that if data can be exported to google sheets that there must be a way to export the same data on excel sheet with the help of webserver.

Phil Mayor

There are two options that I can think of either  save the content to a database and then export from database as CSV which can be read in excel.  Or save as a text file on the users machine (which will only give that users data).

You may be able to achieve what you want using Excel web services, sorry never used these so cannot help.

Steve Flowers

Best bet might be Sharepoint Web Services. It's complicated but you should be able to setup a web services endpoint and route that to a spreadsheet or database within Sharepoint's environment.

If you want to take it a step closer, there's a way to infuse Sharepoint web parts to create an xAPI endpoint, if I read this project correctly