Export full video from story line

I am exporting video in Mp4 format. It is working fine. But the problem is the exported video does not contain video clip after a trigger. For example:

I have a slide with 3 buttons and and some part of the video is showing when user click on button to explore points.

When i export this video,i am not able to get that explored part and it skips  it.

Can anybody tell how can i export full fledged video ?


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Jerry Beaucaire

Since the MP4 won't be interactive, I would think you would need to redesign that one slide to automatically play each of the selectable videos.  

Suggestion: Make a copy of your story to preserve its original design, then on that slide, animate a mouse image coming in and clicking the item and trigger the first video, automate returning to the slide when video (media) completes, then animate another mouse click for the second video, then the third.  Then on to the rest of the presentation.

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Lucy and welcome to E-Learning Heroes :)

Thanks for reaching out and sharing what you are running into when publishing your course to video.

It looks like Jerry has popped in to help you here and he's correct. MP4 files are not interactive, so those items will not be included. If you want the video to be a similar experience to if a user was interacting with your content, I'd recommend using timeline triggers to proceed. I really like Jerry's idea of a mouse pointer to follow along with as well.

I cannot wait to hear other ideas from the community.