Export hidden layers

Jan 25, 2020


It would be great if hidden layers were exported too. 

I use the "eye" feature a lot in other softwares as a design help. But it's like a trap in Articulate, as it does not warns you when the file has hidden objects, and unless you go slide-by-slide and check every layer, or your client warns you, you wont realize that there are missing items in your exported file.




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Phil Mayor

The layers in Storyline are different to tools like photoshop and illustrator. In those tools layers export in the final image by default, however in Storyline you have to show a layer with a trigger. The eye on the layer panel is so you can view layers and see how they look on at the same time, but this does not determine that a layer is visible on publish. All the layers are exported on publish you just have not triggers to show the layers.

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