Export in HTML only provides sound, no visual


I edited openfile project ( I only inserted text boxes). When I export flash, it works OK. But if I export HTML, HTML/flash, flash/HTML, the file is corrupted. No visual, only sound. When trying to upload files on webpage, it says ''unable to get property 'substr' of undefined or null reference''. Any advice on that?

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Katie Riggio

Welcome to the community, Marta!² Looks like Leslie beat me to it ☺️ 

In addition to your .story file, could you also let us know:

  • What version of Storyline are you using?
  • If you're having trouble uploading to your website – try uploading it to Tempshare here. If your file works/uploads as expected on Tempshare, then the issue may be with the server settings.

We'll be here!

Katie Riggio

Appreciate you sharing your file with us, Marta!

I published your project for Web using the HTML5/Flash format, and uploaded it to Tempshare – here are the HTML5 and Flash outputs. The course hangs when in Preview/HTML5 in all browsers, but I can hear the audio.

I believe the grouped objects are the culprit, but I'd like to get more eyes on this. I've submitted your file to our Support Engineers to have a closer look – keep an eye out for an email from the team soon! I'll also follow along as I'm really curious to understand what's causing this behavior.

Katie Riggio

Good morning, Marta – and those who may be following this thread!

After delving deeper, my colleague, Michael, found that the quizzing interactions at the end of the top 3 slides were set to the trigger event When an object enters the slide. Changing that to When timeline reaches xx:xx instead helped resolve the hanging, as HTML5 couldn't interpret the interaction as a moving object.

We've attached the revised .story file in your case, and we'll be here if you need anything else ☺️