Export input fields from Storyline

Is it possible to export input fields from Storyline into a document? I have a client who is requesting students do work inside Storyline and have the ability to take away the work they've done in some kind of formatted document. For example, the student enters a list of 3 companies and then writes value statements for each company. Looking for the best way they can take that away as something they can present to their manager.

I read that printing the screen is a challenge across multiple devices/browsers so I don't want to go that route if it's not 100% compatible and not going to be a headache to learners.

Any other suggestions on how I might accomplish this?

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Justin Lambakis

That's cool thank you for sharing. How complex/possible would it be to do something like that where it captures and displays the variables in let's say a 20 page document that uses over 50 variables in a document that is heavily formatted/designed? Does the Javascript do all the actual building of the document, or can it insert into an existing document somehow? Just starting to look at solutions to build sales training where sales associates can enter information, and the output is an annual sales planner.