Export is different than preview

Hi! I exported my storyline file and the background is much darker than in the preview. I have tried making it lighter, restarting the program and my computer. I'm not sure what is going on. Can you help!? I would like my final project to look like "Capture.PNG", when I export it looks like "Capture1.PNG".

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Luke Benfield

Not sure what exactly is causing the issue, but I went to the Main Menu slide, selected the Design Tab, then Background Styles, and selected Style 2.

I republished and everything looked like it should be. 

It did change all slides to that color, so you'll need to manually change the title slide back to white. See if that works on your end.

Luke Benfield

Ok I think I found the actual issue...

Go to your player options window. Click on Colors & Effect in the menu bar. Click the link for "Show Advanced Color Editing."

Click the dropdown menu where is says Base >> Main Background

Hover over the Base Option, then select the Slide Background Option. The dropdown should now read Base >> Slide Background. Change the Top and Bottom colors to White.

That fixed the issue completely.