export results and all variables of Storyline quiz in google sheet

Hi how to save students' grades in the test
I have a test consisting of a set of questions
I want to know the first name, the last name and the degree that the student received
You use the Spreadsheet from Google but do not work well
This is a test file



and this is a Spreadsheet on Google I want to extract the variables inside the test into Spreadsheet file

I want to show by first name, last name and Results.PassPercent Results.PassPoints Results.ScorePercent Results.ScorePoints



Please help

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Katie Riggio

Hi there, Anderson!

Exporting to Google is outside our wheelhouse, so I'll continue to leave this in the community's hands.

In the meantime, these discussions might be useful for your scenario: Articulate Storyline: Export to Google Drive and Exporting Variables into a Google Spreadsheet 🤞