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John McNichol


When the course is published, go to the story_content folder in the published files and your video will be there as an MP4.

With regards the audio, this could be extracted using something like adobe audition.

But if your video is a "video steps" then you may be best off publishing it, playing the course in your browser and recording the whole video using articulate replay.  I'm recommending this way so you keep any annotations and text boxes that are needed in the video.

This may be a really long drawn out way to do it though lol 

Mike Enders

Hi Amy,

To export a screen recording from Storyline:

Either immediately after your recording (or after selecting insert screen recording from the screen recording tab), you'll see your options to insert as a View, Try, Test.   You'll also see a preview of your video on the right.   Using your mouse cursor, right click on the video preview. You'll see the option to export as .mp4.

Here's a full walk through.

I hope this helps!