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Oct 23, 2014

I have developed an elearning course in Articulate Storyline where at some point the learners write down their answers in a data entry text. All these answers are shown together in the last slide of a scene with the use of Insert->Reference option. How can I export the content of this last slide (that is all the answers of each learner) to MS Word or PDF format? It would be better if the learner had the option to press a button in order to export his/hers answers to any of the aforementioned formats. Is this feasible?

Thank you in advance

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Teo Samalis
Stephanie Harnett

Thanks. I'm not sure about the Word document but a PDF is possible. Check out this thread - https://community.articulate.com/discussions/articulate-storyline/saving-storyline-variables-to-a-pdf#290173



This is a great approach but the only difference in my project is that I gather answers from different slides to the last slide in a single text box (not a text entry) and the above example is how to export to PDF from text entry, because it refers to variables (at least I think so, excuse my poor js knowledge). However, I hope it works for me because I plan to adjust the js by using the variables I have created at previous slides (not the last one where each one of them are being referenced in the text box).

Cory Kundert

Teo - did you find a way to do this? I am currently working on a tobacco cessation CBT (computer based training) in storyline and want them to create an action plan within the CBT but I also want them to be able to either print or export that information. I want them to go to specific slides to answer each question and then compile all of that information into a final slide that can be exported/printed. An example would be on one slide I would have them type in their barriers to quitting smoking and that information would then get pushed to a final slide that accumulates all of those answers. Any thoughts? Thanks!

Christie Pollick

Hi, Cory -- Thanks for your question!

As this thread is a bit older, you may want to reach out to Teo or other participants directly using the 'Contact Me' link on their profile page. And if you would like additional design ideas or suggestions, you are welcome to post your question over in the Building Better Courses forum, as well. Best of luck with your project! :)

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