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Mats Schieche

Hi, I just realized that we are talking about different functionality. I am talking about Text-to-Speech, and Leslie about closed caption.

It looks lie there is no way to export the Text-to-Speech text translate and import it again.
The training we did we have like 80-100 mp3 files/texts to translate.
It would be easier if you had the possibility to control the space between blocks in the text, in that way you can have fewer mp3 files.


Leslie McKerchie

Hi Mats, 

I apologize for any confusion, you are correct. Since closed captions can be generated as you're building you're creating your text-to-speech and is what is seen by your user, I did think that was the translation need.

If you add the scripts to the notes section, it will get exported in the translation document. You can then use the import from notes feature to save some time. The text-to-speech text being included in the overall export is an idea that I'm passing on to my team. I appreciate the clarification.