Export trainee responses - Storyline 3

Good afternoon,

I created a project in Storyline 3 with the report filling format, both with drag-and-drop system and text box for open format responses, but in the report that the Moodle Platform presents I am not getting the exact responses that the trainee is registered in Moodle.

Anyone can help me?


Thank you

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Katie Riggio

Hello Catia,

Thank you for your post!

Storyline will send learner responses to Moodle, and that will include the question types that you mentioned. This will be the student_response data — how the learner answered the question. However, it is up to Moodle to display reports of individual student responses.

As a point of reference, here's a list of the quiz data Storyline sends to an LMS: 

If you need a hand, we can test the course in SCORM Cloud to get a neutral baseline outside of Moodle. Simply share the output file with us through this private link