Export variable from ene module to google spreadsheet, and importing it in another module

Hi all

I am working on a project, which consist of a number of small e-learning modules. I have implemented a notepad. I would like for the content of the note pad to follow the  learner from one module to the next. 

I already have a functionality for exporting variables from the module to google sheets, but I lack a function to import the correct cell in the sheet to another module.

Does anyone have an idea as to how to do that?


Thanks in advance!

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi, Snorre! Thanks for reaching out. While JavaScript is not something for which we offer support, I did want to share a link to a similar question posed by David M. over here in case you'd like to read the discussion. Hopefully some of the JS-savvy members of the community are able to weigh in with additional ideas to assist, as well!