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May 25, 2016

Hello everyone,


I'm trying to export a course to Word file (.doc) in Storyline 2, but it won't generate the file. My Storyline 2 version is fully up to date (update 9).


The publication starts but stops before finishing (we can see on the loading bar that all the slides are not published). The normal pop-up appears (as the publication was completed) but when we click on "See the file" nothing happens except a word error message (see attachment). The export folder is created but empty.


This is not the fisrt time that this problem appears, in fact now I canno't export a course in word and it's very embarassing. Before we can publish without the comments, now we just canno't export.


Before posting my comment, I reviewed the forum and I tried some tips given and it's not working for me.


We tried to restore the Word parameters as we see on the forum but nothing new happens.


I'm using Windows 7 Family edition premium, MS Word 2013. I tried on another computer with Windows 7 Family edition premium, MS Word 2010 and the problem occurs too.


Thank you for any suggestions you  can offer.

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Sophie,

Thanks for reaching out here and sharing that error message - can you translate what it says for me - as I'm unable to copy and paste from the image into Google Translate. :) 

Also, if you'd like to share the .story file with us here we'll take a look at translating it, but it sounds like you're having problems with Storyline as a whole? You mentioned testing out a few of the tips - but could you give a bit more detail about what you've gone through and then we can recommend some other next steps. 

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Sophie!

In some cases, you may find that you can't publish an Articulate project to Microsoft Word after you've translated it to another language. The publishing process may appear to complete as expected, but no Word document is actually generated.

This can happen if the translated language for your Articulate project hasn't been added to Word's language options. The easiest way to correct it is to add a keyboard input language in Microsoft Windows. You mention utilizing Windows 7, so you can follow the steps here to add your translation language, then republish your Articulate project.

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