Exportable logbook

Hello all,

For a project, I want to create a logbook, that the user completes as they go through the course by completing the questions that are embedded in the story.

When they finish, they find all of the answers they gave collected into a nice animated logbook. That part is easy, it's just collecting together answers as text variables. I'm sure SCORM varaibles and tests will manage that..

The clever bit, the part I want to be careful about promising before I know how its done, is that I want them to be able to export the logbook to word, or perhaps a HTML file, eventually to print it out or take with them at the end of the week, in a nicely formatted output..

Hs anyone done this? Any suggestions / examples much appreciated!

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Matthew Bibby

This tutorial will show you how to export the variables to a HTML page that can be printed. There is an update at the bottom of the page that shows how to format it nicely. 

You can generate a PDF using a JS library such as PDFmake, however it's a bit involved if you aren't comfortable with JS. Especially if you want the PDF to be formatted beyond the usual font changes etc.