Exporting all images/icons in a story

Jul 25, 2018

We're looking to build a sort of 'library' of images and icons that we use frequently in our presentations. That way we can access them quickly to use in our other storyline projects. Right now if I need an icon that I know I've used in another presentation I have to open the old one, find the icon/image, and copy it to the current project I'm working on. Is there a way to export all of the images/icons to use in other presentations?

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Tom Kuhlmann

As it is currently, here are three ideas:

  • Articulate 360: add those assets to slides and save as team slides. Anyone on your team can import the slide and use those assets
  • Templates: similar thing only save the slide as a template and anytime you need it, insert the slide in the course and copy/paste the assets
  • Unzip: the Story file is compressed and using a program like 7zip you can extract the story file. Inside that file is a media folder that holds most of the media inserted in the course. I believe the icons are vectors and not image files so they may not be in the folder but any pictures, audio, and video will be there.

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