Exporting and Retrieving Variables in Storyline 360?

Does anyone have a good resource for exporting a variable in one SL file/lesson, and having another SL file/lesson retrieve the variable? For example, if I wanted a user to type his/her name to set a Name_Variable, and have all of the following SL files/lessons reach out and import the Name without the user having to re-type his/her name with each new lesson; how would I do that?

I am researching now, but curious if anyone else has a proven solution.

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Matthew Bibby

Are you using an LMS? If so, are you publishing to SCORM 1.2, SCORM 2004 or Tin Can API?

Sharing variables between courses in this way typically isn't possible with SCORM, but maybe with Tin Can API if you don't mind getting down and dirty with some code. 

But if it's just the name you need, then you could grab that directly from the LMS...


James Esser

Yes, LMS, and may have to tap into xAPI. Variables to include names, teams,
avatars, accumulating scores... This is a new design concept that I haven't
seen anyone do before, so trying to get a head start before plowing
forward. This would probably be a good E-Learning Heroes Challenge topic

Many Thanks for your response!