Exporting Articulate Studio Slides as Videos for Storyline

I'm trying to convert a course I made in Articulate Studio to Storyline. Some of my slides contain those pesky animations that Storyline can't handle, so I wanted to export the slides as WMVs and import them into Storyline. I'm using the Save & Send feature in Powerpoint to create the videos. However, this doesn't seem to keep the sync points I created in Articulate Studio.

Can anyone offer me some advice on this?

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Mike Enders


I don't think PowerPoint recognizes the Articulate syncing.  You may have to use PowerPoint's animation/audio sync feature to get your timings and then export the .wmv. 

Another option would be to publish out your Studio course and then grab the .swf output and import that into Storyline.  Or, play your Studio course and screen capture the output that way.