Exporting as a film

Dear Forum;

I've made a presentation, but I want to present it as a movie. Its on 15 slides.

You can see the result @ https://vimeo.com/165257721

This is done by capturing the presentation with the Record Screen tool and saving that as a mp4 file.

You can see it is jerky, and the sound quality suffers - is there a better way to do this? Is there somehow to export it as a movie without that second stage?







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Crystal Horn

Hey Adam.  Thanks for your inquiry!  Storyline does not offer the option of publishing your project to mp4 format, so using Storyline screen recording or Replay to capture a walk-through of your course would be your next best bet.

We do keep track of what features everyone wants and needs, so please feel free to let our product development team know that this is important for you, to eliminate extra steps!

Crystal Horn

One thing, also, Adam-- I watched your video, and it seems like that particular course doesn't have too many interactive parts.  You could potentially adjust those slides to have them play automatically, record narration within the project, and even have those alarm signals play automatically one right after the other.  

If you have the ability to do so, you can republish with those changes and host your project on the web where a user could just click the link to play through that course.