Exporting as HTML5, but still has flash player files?


I have had the following request from my client:

The zip files should be Scorm version 1.2 (when exporting to Scorm zip file there must NOT be any reference to FlashPlayer application or supporting FlashPlayer files at all - I had to strip a scorm zip file of any evidence of FlashPlayer, as they would not accept the test file with it).

is there a way to do this without stripping the zip file post export? i am exporting HTML5 only.

This is urgent. Any help most gratefully received.



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Katie Riggio

Hi there, Sharon. I'm sorry you ran into this!

Diane's right. We had a few issues where .SWF (Flash) files were created in the published output, even though the HTML5 only format was selected. 

Those unnecessary files should not appear on the latest update, Update 31. You can find the Storyline 360 update you're on by clicking on the Help tab, then About Storyline. Need to update? Here's how!

If you see this on a current update, please let us know. We'll look into next steps from there!