Exporting for translation from Storyline: how to leave out the notes?

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I exported my finished storyline to a xlif file and send it to the translation office. Problem is that they give me an invoice on the amount of words and they count all the words, notes included which is not necessary. (When i created the storyboard in powerpoint I added notes for the developer therefore the notes are also in the storyline because I imported the powerpoint file into storyline)


Is there a way ( without manually removing all the notes) to only export the words on the scenes into a xliff file?   

I thought maybe i can export to a word file and find and replace all the notes.. and let the translation office make the translation in that file..but then i don't know wheather I can import that translated file via word with removed columns?

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Lauren Connelly


Exporting the translation will always include the notes, so there are a few options to go around this!

Like you mentioned, deleting the notes section from the Word document is one option. You could also duplicate the course, remove the notes, and then translate the course. 

Let us know which method works best for you!

Judy Nollet

In advance, discuss with your vendor what should and shouldn't be translated. If they understand Storyline, they should understand how to identify Notes and be able to skip that content when translating -- and skip that content when determining the word count.

Note: If you export to Word for translation and delete the text in the Notes cells, Storyline will delete the text in Notes when you import the translated Word file. In other words, it replaces the original text with whatever corresponding text (or lack of text) is in the imported file.

I don't work with xliff files, but I assume the process is similar.

I agree that it would be nice to be able to exclude Notes when exporting. I'd like to have a space to keep programming notes for future reference.  (This is where a Staff person would say "Submit a feature request.")