Exporting PPT from Storyline


I need to create an ILT version of an elearning course that I'm creating in Storyline.  I'm hoping there's an easy way to export slides from Storyline into PPT, so I can leverage the Record Screen functionality in Storyline to build steps for the Instructor demos for a software package.  I tried to simply Copy + Paste the slides, but that didn't work.  I'm trying to be as efficient as possible.  Is exporting slides from Storyline into PPT possible?

Note:  I know I'll have to modify the PPT slides to better fit the ILT environment.

Thank you for your help!


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Brian Allen

Michael Hinze said:

There is no option to export from Storyline to PPT. This may not work for you, but with the Publish for Word option (see info here) you would get at least a set of screens that you can cut&paste into PPT. Of course that wouldn't work for screen recordings.

+1, agreed, this is probably where I would start if I had to do the same.