Exporting scrom zip file into Opigno LMS

Hi, I am hoping someone can guide me on how to import published Storyline 2 course into Opigno? I have followed these instructions: Zip: This creates a zipped file of the published output in the location you specified on the Publish window. This is the most common choice when you're using an LMS. Upload the zipped course to your LMS.

However, I cannot see where the link is to import this file into Opigno.

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Walt Hamilton

I don't know Opigno, but I will share my thoughts in the hope of giving you a starting point while you are waiting for somebody with Opigno experience to weigh in, My guess is that you need to go into the course building tools in Opigno. There should be an option there that will allow you to add SCORM compliant content to a course.

Christie Pollick

Hi, Denis -- I see that Walt and Steve are helping you out here, and if you continue to have difficulties, it may be helpful to reach out to Opigno support directly. If you do, could you please share an update here in your post for others who may utilize the same LMS and could benefit from the shared details? Much appreciated! :)

Denis Hay

Thank you Steve and Christie,...I have managed to find where to upload the SCROM package, but the zip file is 121 MB's and too large to upload. My son who is developing my website is looking into how I can overcome this issue. He also says that even if I can upload a Storyline 2 zip file, it is unlikely it will work as I thought it would and that courses really need to be developed inside Opigno. If I find out any workable solution for uploading Storyline zip files and able to get them working how I thought they would I will let you know.

Thank you again for your help.