Exporting the Story View Tab

Jan 21, 2014

Is there any way of exporting the story view tab? I have some quite complex projects that I want to discuss with the sponsor and using the story view to show the sponsor the flows etc. I do not want to always take the Articulate program to the sponsor (customer), especially at early stages of the development,  so is there any way of exporting the storyview to other media? I can take a screen shot but it looks a bit "amateur-ish". Any assistance gladly recieved.

Many thanks,


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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Gary,

It's a popular feature request, but there's currently no built-in way using Storyline to print out Story View. 

You can zoom in and out, making more of the space visible, but the only method I'm aware of is to take a screenshot. 

If you'd like, you could get a little fancier and create a screen recording. You could even create one with Screenr and simply share the MP4 file with your sponsor. I'm not sure if that's something they'd appreciate, but it might help. 


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