Exporting Translation - Storyline crashes everytime

Hi, everytime I try to export a Storyline course (any course, not just one specific LO) to an XLF file for translation, I get an error screen as shown here. 

Error Report screenshot

After I close it, I see the 'Export Translation' pop-up, but nothing else happens even if I let it be for 20 minutes or more. I have to force Storyline to close to be able to to use it again. 

I've uninstalled and reinstalled Storyline but it makes no difference. This has become as huge painpoint as I own approximately 20 lessons for 6 languages, and I can't keep asking my colleagues to export the XLF file everytime I send out for translation. 

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Brian Hunt

Ah, found it and that totally works!

"My OS did not associate XLF files with a program to open them. After associating XLF with Sublime text editor, Storyline no longer crashed. Instead, after the export it would now open the XLF in Sublime.

To fix: Double click the XLF file and select Notepad or some other program as the default method for opening those files."

Swapna K

It worked for me eventually. Ensured that none of the MS office files word/ppt etc were open in the background. Not convenient really - but seems like it did the work. Am not sure what is the connection. Seemed to have worked so far - have done 2 more exports no glitches.

- Swapna Kadam