Exporting varibales from storyline to google excel

Dec 14, 2019

Hi there,

I'm using SL3 and I have gone through the discussion on E-Leaning Heroes. 

I have done the JavaScript. I'm tracking the time spent on the course and I have managed to get the time spent display on SL3. The time tracking work.

I want to export the variables to google excel. (I have already done the script editor in the excel) I follow the discussion JavaScript but I did not get it export to excel (no variables shown on the excel)

Below is the javascript

var player = GetPlayer();



type: "POST",

data: {"1_secs_A": player.GetVar("1_secs_A"),

success: function(data)


error: function(err) {


return false;

Is there something wrong with the JavaScript? 


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