Extend timelines over multiples slides

Hello Folks,

Think i may have overlooked a menu or option, but is there a way to extended the display time for a group of slides instead of one-by-one when using the view mode steps option, user feedback is saying they are a liitle fast when moving between slides,  I know i could switch it to user advances for all slides but would like to keep the "auto-run" style of the view mode feature working, which is currently approx.4.5 secs per slide but I would like to double this.

Many thanks in advance

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Leslie McKerchie

There is not a way to do that across multiple slides in Storyline, but that would make a great feature request.  In the future, you can set your slide/timing as you want to and then duplicate that slide as you build your project so that the timing is similar. Not very helpful now, but it could save you some time down the road.

Craig Oliver-Walsh

The part in which this is causing an issue is where i have inserted a try scene from a screen cap recording, so it wouldnt work in this case. Also this is probably something more you would discover in user testing, so not something that would be planned for. Will follow up as a feature request though!