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Oct 10, 2014

I have a video as one slide in Storyline1.  I needed to split the video because I needed more time between some of the mouse movements.  I made a copy of the video and split it where I needed the extra space. I'm trying to learn how to extend the first section of the video to play a couple of seconds longer at the same spot where it ends.  Example- I split the video at 16 seconds, the original video is for 1-16 seconds, the 2nd video is from 16-35 seconds.  I need the first video to continue to show its ending view for 3 more seconds, and I will move the 2nd video to not begin until 19 seconds on the timeline.  Is there a way to extend the length of the 1st original clip without it picking up the next few seconds of the original video clip? 

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Nelson Rokke

Hi Michele,

Not sure if this will work for you, but I've used this technique in the past to extend the time between two video clips:

  1. Position the playhead on the timeline where you would like to extend the displayed keyframe (16 seconds on the timeline)
  2. Right-click the video inserted on the slide and select, "Save As Picture"
  3. Insert the saved picture 
  4. Position the picture in the timeline between the 1st and 2nd video to extend the length of the video

Good Luck!


Michele Liggett

Thanks, Nelson.  I really thought that was going to be my solution.  Unfortunately when I save as picture it is capturing the image from the beginning of the video and not the end.

Phil, I tried your suggestion as well but that is not giving me the extended 3 seconds on the first video.

Since the website used in the video changed the data from me doing the case example, my original data is changed so I'm unable to just re-record.

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