Extensive uses of guides

Hi there,

New integrator here. I come from the Adobe eco-system, on a Mac (sic!).

I've jumped on a project which contain a significant number of .story files. The project is going Custom UI. 

Besides downloading the SDK, I am wondering if there is a possibility, or a hack(!), to export guides from one .story to another.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts and ideas!


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Richard Lorrain

Thank you for the answer.

I will try this early next week.

The template option looks ok to me. The challenge on my side is to actually
retrofit the guidelines (and the freshly composed UI) into a project that
started a year ago in SL1, have been convert to SL2 and include an
approximate of 40+ .story files. The finish project will be around 90
.story files.

Thanks again!